CGH Earth

At CGH Earth, nature and the environment take centre stage. Every experience is inspired by and built around this core, be it the forests at Spice Village or the fishing villages of Marari Beach. Our structures become part of the landscape, using natural as well as modern materials to blend in.

Modern day life fades into the background, allowing you to experience nature in its most pristine form. Your houseboat on the Spice Coast cruises allows you to dwell amidst a unique ecology. Bangaram Island will envelop you in the magic of the turquoise sea and coral reefs. Every CGH hotel is its own unique experience, allowing nature herself to replenish you.

Brunton Boatyard, Fort Kochi, Kerala

Chittoor Kottaram, Kerala

chittoor kottaram

Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala

Eighth Bastion, Fort Kochi, Kerala

Kalari Kovilakom, Kerala

Kalari Kovilakom hotel lit up at night

Maison Perumal, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu

Maison Perumal garden courtyard