Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

It the remote Western reaches of Rajasthan lies the evocative Thar Desert. Here you will find one of the world’s last remaining living citadels, Jaisalmer. Stay at the resplendent boutique palace hotel - Suryagarh, (house of Sun) rising out of the desert on the outskirts of the city. Spend your days exploring the ancient city, or heading off into the sand dunes by camel or four wheel drive uncovering the forgotten fortresses and ancient temple ruins of this remote land.

Away from the heat and dust is the oasis of Suryagarh. With approximately 73 rooms of which nearly half are luxury suites, including independent havelis two-bedroom suites. The cooling sandstone interiors, colonnades and softly hued furnishings, really do create an oasis in the desert. The hotel is a perfect balance of ancient and modern India with babbling water fountains, shaded courtyards and tranquil gardens dotted throughout.

There is plenty to keep you occupied when escaping the heat and dust, from the beautiful indoor pool, Akhara fitness center and billiards room. The Rait spa has a rooftop pool, sauna and hot tubs. There are of course many therapies on offer from berry scented body scrubs to cooling aloe Vera and native Acaica oil massages. There are several signature treatments including the ‘sand ritual’.

Dine like a king in one of the three restaurants. From the all-day casual dining to the fine Marwar restaurant serving only the very best local Rajasthan cuisine. The elegant Draksh bar is also highly inviting.

Due to the unforgiving desert climate November through to February really are the best months to visit Jaisalmer. February also sees in the annual Desert Festival where the city erupts in a riot of colour when the camel traders arrive in some serious style. September and October can also be cooler months in which to visit.

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