RV Bengal Ganga, River Ganges

With its shining teak and brass lined state rooms, the RV Bengal Ganga is a beautiful replica of the colonial ‘Clyde’ steamers. Once the celebrated vessels of royalty, this current day steamer allows one to travel in true regal style. The RV Bengal Ganga was built in 2004 and offers a range of voyages up the holy river Ganges.

The newly renovated R V Bengal Ganga has a total of twenty-eight state rooms which provides a very comfortable gander down the Ganges. The boat is equipped with three different room categories with a maximum of fifty-six passengers onboard. The premier rooms of which there are only two have large balconies on the Upper deck with full views of the passing landscape which can be enjoyed from your bed. The rooms are furnished with Burma teak floors and walls with double beds and original works or art alongside a full bathroom with shower and all amenities.

The R V Bengal Ganga has a well-designed dining room with large windows allowing you to watch the world go by as you enjoy your meal.  The saloon is a more intimate space for a late-night drink, film screening or an evening lecture by local historians and people of interest.  For the sun lovers, the river cruiser provides a spacious upper deck equipped with sun loungers where you can relax and enjoy a drink from the upper deck drinks and snack bar.  The air-conditioned spa offers Ayurvedic massages and beauty treatments throughout the cruise.

There are several journeys to choose from up and downstream to the wonderful historic city of Kolkata.  Speak to one of our specilasts to help understand the different itineraries and excursions on offer.  The itineraries range from 4 nights to 10 nights.  Each journey offers magnificent sites along the way.

You will be well looked after throughout your cruise by over thirty devoted staff members who have received many accolades over the years for their dedication, thoughtful and personalised service.

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