Raas Devi Garh, Rajasthan

Situated on the outskirts of royal Udaipur, city of lakes, stands RAAS Devigarh, one of the most ethereal palace hotels in India, etched into the Aravali hillside. Attributed for being a true innovation of contemporary design within the framework of a traditional palace, this world famous hotel still stands out amongst the rest.
Divine suites are spread around the palace and in the gardens and are decorated predominantly in marble with individual colour themes. The vast, state of the art bathrooms are also a sight to see. Rooftop yoga sessions with panoramic views of the hills are offered. Facilities include a large swimming pool, superb cuisine and caring staff.

Indian Wellness | Raas Devigarh

Since being taken over by the clever hands of RAAS, the launch of the Ila Spa, has now turned this iconic hotel into a true spa destination. Renowned for their earth-to-skin ethical, environmental and sustainable practices, Ila directly source wild harvested ingredients, many from India herself. Enjoy Rajasthani damascene rose otto oil, jasmine from Tamal Nadu, sandalwood from Mysore and tuberose - which helps to connect us to our soul light. Each is chosen for its ability to nourish not just the skin but the heart. Exclusive to Devigarh, ila's Devi Blessings, offer nine 2 hour treatments designed to calm adrenals and recalibrate the entire central nervous system. Unlike other spas, here you can indulge in a spa package from as little as three nights. Yoga, meditation and sound healing along with daily treatments and a light wellness menu all ensure you are gently guided back to your true self.
Being one of the most beautiful palace hotels in India, RAAS Devigarh is definitely worth a stop-off and features in our top 10 things to do in Rajasthan. If feeling inspired to visit the Devi Garh you can find it within our The Essence of Rajasthan itinerary.

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