Kalari Kovilakom, Kerala

This beautifully restored palace is the place to go if you are ready for a fully authentic Ayurvedic retreat.

Part clinic, part ashram and part spa retreat, Kalari Kovilakom requires a minimum stay of 14 nights in order to ensure the best possible benefits from the treatments on offer. Surrounded by verdant gardens and hidden away in a quiet Keralan village, you're guaranteed a tranquil, restorative experience, far removed from the pressures of everyday life.

Treatments are based on the needs of the individual and their specific Ayurvedic body type, so you can be sure of a transformative experience. On arrival you are met by the doctor for your initial consultation and the doctor will then prescribe your treatment plan, yoga regime and of course all important diet programme, accordingly to your very specific body type.

Located near Kollangode in the Palghat district of North Kerala Kalari Kovilakom is situated in a 200-year-old palace set within pretty gardens. This historic palace has long been associated with healing, from its original Venga trees, to the fresh spring waters and mountain air. Here CGH Earth have retained the palaces legacy as a leading Ayurvedic clinic of today where both the living spaces and gardens complement the healing process.

Within the palace grounds there are 19 well-appointed rooms with a traditional finish, pretty frescoes and carved Keralan doors. There are no TV’s in the rooms as the ethos of the retreat is to fully switch off the mind. The Clinic itself has 12 treatments rooms.

Within keeping of the Ashram philosophy this is a strictly vegetarian, non-alcoholic retreat where meals are taken communally and early morning gentle yoga is encouraged to start your day.

Kalari Kovilakom is a truly refreshing experience and featured in our 50 luxurious experiences in India as well as a perfect out of season location in September in India: Where to visit.

The monsoon is often considered a highly beneficial time to experience Ayurveda when your body is at its most receptive from June - September.

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