Jamtara Wilderness Camp, Pench, Madhya Pradesh

Jamtara Wilderness Camp is a boutique safari lodge situated in the Village of Jamtara, near Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

The 12-tented property is set in a rich forest surrounding based around an ancient Banyan tree rooted on a dry riverbed. Each tented room overlooks the forest and has a secluded sit out. The interiors of the tent are light and airy with large beds and a stylish finish. The plumbed bathrooms also offer the utmost comfort. The property is well laid out and includes an interactive kitchen. There are also nightly campside fires to enjoy and tell of your days adventures.

The camp has a truly warm welcome, serving excellent cuisine tailored to the individual taste. Jamtara's unique location means that for parts of the year they are the only camp to have access to a large percentage of the national park, resulting in a very private safari experience.

Safari Lodges in India | Jamtara Winderness Camp

The stylish property provides an inviting environment with both an internal and external lounge. There is a small reading library and a beautiful swimming pool. There are many state of the art bicycles for you to truly discover the rural surroundings.

The camp also offers the unique chance to sleep in your very own private star bed. Located at the back of the property, there is a secluded machan complete with a full bed where there is nothing but a mosquito net and the sounds of the jungle to give you a night to remember.

Your entire experience will be enriched with the resident expert naturalists whose extensive knowledge of the surrounding flora and fauna will help you really discover the region. With a long history in conservation the Tiger Resort PVT Ltd were the signature creation of the visionary Mr Pradeep Sankhala back in 1987 who wanted to provide sophisticated environmentally friendly experiences of the Indian jungle. Today in continuation with the family’s legacy of Tiger conservation and responsible tourism, Mr Amit Sankhala continues the family’s legacy today with all the lodges including the luxury Jamtara. Jamtara is built with minimum interference to the natural environment and is manage with a core eco-friendly principle.


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