ITC Maurya, New Delhi

With a good central location, the ITC Maurya is part of the luxury collection hotel.  It is a 440 room property with large spacious well-appointed rooms and suites throughout.  There is a well sized outdoor pool, tennis courts and access to the golf course nearby.  Well established, The hotel is home to some of the most popular dining destinations in the city.  Bukhara provides exquisite North-West Frontier cuisine, traditionally prepared in a clay oven (tandoor).  The restaurant is constantly rated amongst the top 50 restaurants in the world and has been ranked as the finest restaurant in Asia by “Restaurant” magazine.  DumPukht is another award winning restaurant offering fine dining whereby the chefs follow the 200 year old culinary legacy preparing delicately spiced food cooked over a slow fire in sealed earthenware pots.  There are six restaurants in total.  The ideal hotel for any true foodie.