Gangtey Lodge, Bhutan

A six-hour drive from Paro takes you to the charming Gangtey Lodge, an independent luxury hotel offering in the heart of rural Bhutan.

Situated near the imposing 17th century Gangtey Monastery, the 12-room lodge overlooks the rich cascading Gangtey Valley, edged by the Black Mountains and is the perfect retreat from which to enjoy trekking, mountain biking, archery, meditation and even hot air balloon rides.

Here the rooms are bright and airy with exposed brick walls, wooden beamed ceilings and warm inviting interiors replete with individual wood burning stoves and luxurious roll top baths. There is a large lounge, and well stocked library to relax in after a day exploring the ancient monastery or trekking the gentle hillsides.

The hotel has been built to evoke the sense of a beautiful Bhutanese farmhouse with the traditional roofs and arched window frames. The heart of the Lodge centers around the cozy lounge and dining areas with wall to ceiling views of the valley below. Guests gather at the long tables to dine on succulent fresh Bhutanese dishes, whilst Asian and Western dishes are also on offer using wonderful organic ingredients.

This is a hotel that is all about the destination, with far reaching valley views here you can truly get back to nature. Fully unwind in the simple spa with its large windows from the hot stone bath. Filled with the mineral rich water and heated through the traditional hot stone method let yourself truly melt into the surrounding.

The Phobjikha Valley is well known for the endangered black necked cranes that migrate every year through the valley. Arriving with the onset of autumn and close of harvest they stay for the winter months. Here the cranes are honored in this region with much folklore, tradition and festivity. Visit in November and you will have the chance to witness the colourful masked dances, dramas and songs of the Black-necked crane festival.

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