Carnoustie, Kerala

Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness resort is well situated in the heart of Kerala on the pretty Marari beach. Just an hour south of colonial Kochi. Carnoustie is both the idyllic beach resort in which to end your south India tour, or as a spa destination in itself.

This pristine and meticulously kept property is set in beautiful gardens, offering the best of both worlds of spa and resort, with the 40 villas combining traditional thatched roofs with timber decks and contemporary, luxurious interiors and private pools. Carnoustie holds the environment close to its heart and has adopted a strong eco policy using efficient energy conservation throughout.

The property is also well situated to the backwaters where one can spend the afternoon on the hotels own houseboat. For those interested in true relaxation and rejuvenation partake in the twice daily yoga sessions.

Aryavaidyasala (Ayurveda Spa), is an all-encompassing experience, designed to nurture and re-balance the body, specifically designed to the individual’s body type. The luxurious and breathtaking wellness centre offers treatments for all needs through the use of authentic ayurveda therapies, naturopathy, meditative healing and yoga.

The prestigious Dr Ali has several programs, which he runs at the Carnoustie resort. This haven is a great place to really explore wellness for the body, mind and soul. Here at Carnoustie wellness is very much the focus and this is the perfect place in which to explore stress relief, weight loss, anti-aging and the treatments of injuries related to sport and exercise along with the retraining of the mind to find one’s focus. Anti-aging treatments use integrated therapeutic Marma (ancient form of Ayurvedic massage), Prana Mantra marma (a form of detoxifying meditation), Naturopathy, acupressure and yoga.

At the resort there is a wide array of fine dining and wellness menu options. If you choose to follow a wellness programme then the doctors and chefs will create a a bespoke dietary food plan for the duration of your stay. Many of the fresh vegetables and herbs are sourced from the extensive organic kitchen garden.

Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort


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