Bujera Fort, Udaipur Rajasthan

Located in a small village of Bujera with the backdrop of Aravalli hills this lovely new-build fortress hotel, takes you back into time. Though tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the village streets of Bujera, this little gem is just a stones throw away from the beguiling city of lakes, Udaipur.

British owners Richard Hanlon and Trish MacFarlane have maintained the traditional charm of the region while constructing this beautiful country-side abode, with inspired creations by Richard, an outstanding interior designer. Here the atmosphere is one of a glorious English country house with wonderful fabrics interspersed with Indian antiques, fabrics and "style". The shop is well worth a visit alone.


The beautiful fort comprises of eighty-six hand carved stone columns, many Jarokas (suspended balconies) in local stone, and endless salvaged antique windows and doors throughout.
The main fort building consists of two master suites, five cloister bedrooms and two smaller houses, Bujera House (four bedrooms) and Bujera Bungalow (four bedrooms), all of which can be booked separately as self-contained units.

Built on two levels, this blushing pale pink fortress is set around beautiful flower-filled Mogul gardens and on the west side of Lake Pichola, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. In the centre of the courtyard there is a pretty pool perfect for a moment of relaxation. There is a small on site spa, daily yoga and physiotherapy all readily available.
Dining is very much at the heart of Bujera and a significant portion of produce is either home grown or sourced from the local surrounding communities and farms. Both continental and Indian cuisine is served with a conscious effort to try and provide balanced healthy meals. There is an airy dining pavilion and guests are encouraged to come and join in the kitchen for engaging cookery demonstrations.

Just a fifteen minute drive takes you into Udaipur and the central Lake Pichola. Whilst the airport is less then an hour away.

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