Bhuj House, Gujarat

Bhuj House is a traditional Parsi courtyard homestay located in Bhuj, right in the heart of Kutch. It was built in the late 1800’s and has remained throughout seven generations of the Bhujwala family. The family who are keen conservationists also have the beautiful boutique eco-camp Sher Garh in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh. Bhuj House has only quite recently been restored from the original family house into a charming heritage homestay, all adhering to the family’s strong ethical tourism and environmentally friendly practices.

Bhuj House is situated on a sweet, busy side street complete with food-carts, bustling rickshaws and the wandering livestock. Step back in time and explore this historic little corner in style. For those interested in history you can explore the fascinating culture of the Parsi community. There is even the local Agiary (fire temple) 200 metres down the road protected by a trust and maintained by the family still today.


The boutique property has four en-suite rooms, all of which open onto the inner courtyard and are complete with antique furniture, the famous local famous Kutch fabrics, AC and wifi. Rohee’s is one of the larger rooms which can sleep up to three guests. Whilst Nano is a small double. Jafri is the twin room and finally Agassi is the main family room up on the terrace. The resident cook whips up delicious breakfasts and chai with lovely home cooked fresh meals throughout your stay.

Bhuj House provides an excellent base from which to explore the Isolated expanses of salt-flats, local tribal villages with their exquisite textiles, and the wild mangroves that fringe the Arabian coastline – full of exotic migratory bird life.

Bhuj works very well as part of a larger Gujarat itinerary and also connects well with direct flights to Mumbai. Bhuj is otherwise a six hour drive to the capital city of Ahmedabad.

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