Assam Bengal Navigation

This pioneering company has created a wonderful way to explore the remote regions of Assam and Bengal.

The Assam Bengal Navigation have several vessels and the ABN Rajmahal is 50m long with an extra shallow draught that allow her to cruise further up steam of the Ganges then most river cruisers. The cruise is from Calcutta to Varanasi via the Hooghly and Ganges rivers. There are 22 cabins all replete with stylish fresh neutral tones, hints of colonial elegance and all have French balconies.

As with all the ABN vessels in the fleet there is an inviting saloon and bar, dining room and large canopied sundeck. All vessels have a small spa on board and they are air conditioned throughout. Food onboard is always a wonderful mix of Indian and continental dishes and wines, beers and local spirits are always available.


There are two ABN Charaidew vessels and the newer Charaidew II is one of the fastest vessels in the fleet with 12 spacious cabins. All have been stylishly appointed with bright interiors, French balconies, and the two deluxe cabins each have a private balcony. There is also a small gym onboard. This cruise effortlessly navigates the mighty River Brahmaputra, Assam. Finally the ABN Sukapha cruises up the Hooghly River, a tributary of the Ganges. This heritage vessel can take a maximum of 24 guests.

Finally there is the Lahe, a private river cruiser designed for 1-2 persons that gently meander along, allowing the guests to absorb the local beauty of Assam at a gently pace.

Operating between October – April you can choose from a range of cruises from 4 nights to 14 night cruises. The Assam cruises take in wildlife experiences, tea plantation visits, local dance performances, village walks and picnics on deserted islands. Whereas the Ganges and Hooghly cruises upstream from Kolkata are all about visits to villages, towns, temples and monuments in a little-known but fascinating part of India, on foot, by cycle rickshaw or minibus.

The Assam Bengal Navigation boat tours are a must do when visiting the Ganges and Bramaputra and feature in our 50 luxurious experiences in India.

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