Khajuraho has some of the finest temples in the world, featuring three groups of World Heritage listed temple complexes.

Restored after nearly a millennium of neglect these temples are an integral part of any historic tour of India’s architectural legacy.

Spread over approximately 20 square kilometres, the temples were built from AD 950 to 1050 during the Chandela dynasty. 22 of the original 85 still remain today. The resplendent temples were only rediscovered by the British, as recently as 1838. Well known for the erotic carvings, they are often referred to as the Karma Sutra temples due to the explicit and sensual nature of the friezes.

The Western group of temples is a primary attraction due to the exquisite intricacy of the carvings, of which Lakshmana and Kandariya Mahadeva and Vishvanatha are the main focus. Set within picturesque manicured gardens full of bougainvillea, the soft sandstone sculptures are carved in such high relief that they appear to be almost three-dimensional.

It is also worth visiting the Eastern temples, which offer a reprise from the crowds and are extremely atmospheric. Here you will find a two metre high statue of the monkey god Hanuman, which is considered to predate all of Khajuraho’s temples and shrines.

For a luxury holiday to Khajuraho, it is worth noting that nearby you will find the National Park of Panna.  Just an hour’s drive from the temples, takes you into the heart of the jungle.  Here you can combine an architectural tour of the temples with a journey into one of India’s most beautiful wildlife reserves.  The dramatic landscape is characterised by extensive plateaus, gorges, waterfalls and the mighty Ken River.  The park is a true testimony to wildlife conservation, since the reintroduction of Tigers in 2009, which has led to a small but healthy current population.  Stay at the twelve luxury Lodges at Taj Pashan Garh, or opt for the delightful homestay of Sarai by Toria situated right on the edge of the Ken River.

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