Much of what is left of the ‘City of Victory’, Vijaynagar, can be found in the ruins of Hampi, a startling Unesco World Heritage Site, on the south bank of the Tungabhadra river.  This awe-inspiring location consists of rocky ridges and giant granite boulders, which were part of a natural defense, protecting the grand capital of three generations of Hindu rulers.

Hampi consisted of an urban core, separated from the Scared Centre by ancient canals and waterways throughout the valley.  Here you will find an extraordinary landscape strewn with many temples, excavated remains of palaces, bath houses, a hundred-columned Audience Hall and the epic Elephant Stables.  There is the fascinating ‘King’s Balance’ where the Kings were weighed against gold or grain for distribution to the poor. The Sacred Centre is dominated by the Virupaksha Temple, and the grandest of all, Vitthala Temple represents the very best of Vijaynagar art and architecture.   Carved into the boulders of the Konandarama Temple are legendary figures of Rama & Sita.

Dating from the 16th century, the fascinating Bazaar Street was once the flourishing market and trade centre. However now the bazaar, now teeming with travellers in search of the exotic, is rather less grand than it once was. However the remnants are still very much visible with the old pavilions still lining the streets today.
Part of the charm of Hampi is its remote location, often reached by long arduous car journey, here you will feel as if you are stepping back into a prehistoric age. The scale along of this site is often needed to be seen to be believed. Hampi is situated 286 miles northwest of Bangalore, and can be reached by road, or the recently introduced connecting flights from Hyderabad. A recent space of luxury hotel openings means that Hampi has never been more accessible or inviting. For a true luxury holiday to Hampi both the Kamalapura Palace and the stylish TUTC Kishkinda Camp, allow you to take time out of your busy tour to really stop and explore this wondrous site in style. Visitors in February and March can witness the colourful Chariot and Hampi Festivals.

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