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With such passionate and trustworthy personal attention from Greaves’ staff in the UK and on the ground in India, you are able to completely relax and enjoy a stress-free, inspirational and truly unforgettable holiday.

At Greaves we are always looking to expand our team of Indophiles, so if you are passionate about the Subcontinent and would be keen to join the team contact us on 020 7487 9111 or tours@greavesuk.com

Let us introduce you to the London Greaves Family.

Mehra Dalton

Managing Director, UK

I have been asked so many times which is my favourite destination in India and it is quite impossible to say. India is unique in that it has so many cultures, topography, climates, languages and history.

There is little known Orissa with its extraordinary temples, Jaisalmer, the only living fort left in India that rises like a sandcastle in the Thar desert, the lunar landscape of Ladakh, verdant greenery in the backwaters of Kerala, all unique and wonderful in their own way. If you visit this country once, you will want to return again and again. India entices.

Tanya Dalton

Director, UK

For me India is a timeless destination that evokes the senses and delivers every holiday experience imaginable. I am constantly charmed by India and welcome the unexpected quirks along the way.

My favourite state is Karnataka with its prehistoric landscapes, deserted lost empires, empty white beaches and uncharted wildlife wilderness.

Mala Tandan

Director, India

Mala Tandan is the Director of our India office and the moving force behind our India operations.

A seasoned professional in the field of travel and tourism, she brings over first-hand experience and knowledge of various popular as well as off-beat destinations in India. A passionate traveler from an early age – her vast travel around the region has given her extensive knowledge of not only India but also of the neighbouring destinations like Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka and has quite an understanding of the travel needs for the discerning traveler.

Evie Lemos

General Manager , UK

I am constantly learning about this vast subcontinent with its astounding diversity of religions, languages and cultures which are all unique and unparalleled.

I was lucky enough to have travelled through India and the Maldives for my honeymoon, and can honestly say I have never stayed anywhere as breathtaking as The Amanbagh Resorts.

I long to return.

Siân Warren

Indian Subcontinent Sales Manager, UK

Having travelled to India every year for the past 10 years, it is like my second home. It is the people that I have met on my journeys that have kept pulling me back time and time again. It is the warm smiles, the colours of the bazaars and the kaleidoscopic mix of communities and religions that makes this country one of the most exhilarating places to visit on earth.

Mayank Agarwal


Tours Consultant

I love the diversity of this country and must say “India is a land for all reasons and for all seasons.” – The history of almost 5000 years has given rich cultural and architectural heritage to this country, where more than 20 languages are spoken.  The diversity and variety of Flora & Fauna may not be found elsewhere. One can explore snow covered Himalayas in the North & Northeast India to the beautiful beaches of peninsular India from west coast to east coast through Southern India. One can see perennial rivers like The Brahamputra and The Ganges to driest regions like The Thar Desert, also known as The Great Indian Desert. To summarise the diversity in short, India is the land of fairs & festivals, food & cuisines, art & architecture, history & culture, religion & spirituality. One can spend several months exploring this country from North to South and East to West, where unity lies in diversity.

Isabelle Woolland


Tours Consultant

What I’ve always loved about travelling is the chance it gives you to experience a completely different way of life. This, is something I’ve found the Indian Subcontinent can do in abundance. Part of the joy in travelling around India is that it offers so much – all in one country! From the mountains, to the jungles, to the bustling cities, to the long stretches of beach, I could spend my whole life exploring all the different places and still not tire. It also means you can’t help but want to start planning your next visit before you leave.

The words, the journey is as exciting as the destination, definitely rings true here. However, if I had to pin point my favourite place to wake up in India, it would be having breakfast at the beautiful Raas Devigarh, overlooking the Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan. The views are breath-taking, the atmosphere calm and serene, all whilst being only 45 minutes from Udaipur.

Puneet Khurana

General Manager India Office, UK & US

Puneet’s passion for travel moved him from Hotel Industry to the Travel Industry in 1990 and has been in the travel trade since. Based in our operations office in India, Puneet would not hesitate to use his extensive network of personal and professional contacts to ensure every aspect of your tour is planned and arranged for your specific requirements.

He is supported by a highly efficient and professional operations and administration team in the company.