We have had a really wonderful time. We were endlessly impressed with your ground staff and drivers who were both safe (not easy on Rajasthan roads!) and good with information. The guides were always excellent, though some were easier to understand than others! We felt very well cared-for at all times.

We both decided that our enjoyment of hotels is inversely proportional to their size, so although the Taj hotels (in both Udiapur and Mumbai) were seriously opulent with wonderful rooms, we both much preferred the more intimate hotels. The clear winners from our point of view were the fort hotel at Nagaur, which is unbelievably wonderful, and Lakshman Sagar, which is truly special (but it did help that there was almost no one at the fort and absolutely no one else at the latter!).

I’m delighted to say that I have hooked my husband on India. We will certainly be going back, but I can’t promise that it will be in 2018 as there are so many other places on our bucket list. But when we do go, we will certainly be getting you to organise it for us.

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