Our trip was superb, but sadly far too short. Our Greaves rep met us at the airport after waiting patiently for over two hours (we managed to stand in the wrong queue!) The guide in Kolkata was extremely knowledgeable and built the tours around our likes and dislikes and was surprised by our extensive knowledge. We were impressed with the drivers abilities and his backstreet map knowledge, we were often amused as he and the guide were unknowingly an amusing double act, many fun moments. Would highly recommend these guys. The hotel Oberoi lived up to its name, everyone and everything was outstanding. Kolkata was a blast, we saw so much, and much more than expected. We were charmed by how very friendly many people were, always ready for a joke, laugh and yes, yet another photo of me (one of hundreds!)

The transfer to Bhubaneswar was smooth and another fine hotel with great service and staff. The guide and driver were good and attentive, friendly and efficient. We enjoyed the tours and learnt much. We were so high on the buzz of Kolkata that we found Bhubaneswar very quiet (we are city people). Puri was very different from both Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. Having its own charms, it was fun to stay in an Indian seaside resort. Konark was incredible, vast and worth a re visit. The hotel had its own atmosphere, very relaxing.

We love India and will definitely be returning. Kolkata would be a place we return too especially after reading the book Calcutta, by Anita Desi, recommended by the Kolkata guide. We found the West Bengali charm and humour refreshing, we felt no hostility at all unlike some of the more tourist areas of North and West India.

All in all a very good, memorable trip leaving us hankering to return.

Thank you for all your help in arranging this trip for us.

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