The highlight really was our very safe driver and the excellent selection of guides that we had.  From a slightly urbane but highly knowledgeable guide in Pondicherry through to the lovely Ram Kumar who was with us for our last 3 days in Tamil Nadu – he really did manage to take us to some really special local things, from spectacular markets through to visiting a family of roadside clothes washers who were consigning an elder’s ashes to the river while we stopped.  Add to that jaggary making, scitar makers, and bronze and tile makers, and eating with the locals in Chettinad we really did see some extraordinary sights.  And all our collections and pick-ups went seamlessly, even when our flights were late arriving.

Thank you so much for your exemplary and seemingly effortless organisation, everything went perfectly, not one single hitch.  It’s a pity that getting to the Andamans takes really a whole day each way, but the place will be ruined when the International Airport is completed we fear.  Jalakara was a complete treat, fabulous relaxation time.

Many thanks for everything, we will certainly recommend you to all our friends.

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